Winter isn’t over yet — here’s how to stay safe on the road

Drivers across Ontario have had to contend with severe winter weather over the past week and while the storm has passed, a Kitchener driving instructor says it’s never too late to brush up on your winter driving skills. Mick Sayer is the president of Advanced Road Craft, which offers courses on driving for the season. He says single- and multi-vehicle crashes are more common in the winter, and many people often overestimate their ability to drive on icy roads and in bad weather.

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Conti introduces IceContact 3 with improved stud technology

Continental has introduced its ContiFlexStud technology to a mass production product. The studs, which are said to greatly improve the active safety and performance of winter tires, are now being produced exclusively for the company’s IceContact 3 winter tire in sizes from 17in upward.

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Michelin develops winter tires for the Porsche Cayenne


Engineers explain how they developed a bespoke version of the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV tire for the Porsche Cayenne. In any typical original equipment project, Porsche first provides a design brief, then Michelin builds prototype tires. These are tested internally at Michelin’s test grounds on wet, dry and icy surfaces. The final result is a tire that hopefully meets and exceeds the expectations.

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Ontario Supporting Businesses and Drivers in Northern Ontario

NORTH BAY – The Ontario government is providing drivers in the province with more options by allowing newer models of studded tires to be sold in Northern Ontario.

Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation Kinga Surma and Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli, were at Kal Tire in North Bay today to announce that Ontario is changing a regulation that prevented some new models of studded tires from coming to market. 

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Conti adds to North American winter tire portfolio


MONTREAL – Continental Tire the Americas has developed a directional winter tire, the VikingContact7, that it claims offers a balance of flexibility for slippery road conditions and stiffness for longer life.

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Nokian rolls out Hakkapeliita winter tire line for light trucks


NOKIA, Finland — Nokian Tyres P.L.C. has developed a premium winter tire for light trucks, the Hakkapeliita LT3, which is offered with stainless studs for areas where studs are allowed.

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New Bridgestone Blizzak designed for longer life, enhanced performance

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo.—More than a decade and a half after introducing the Blizzak winter tire line, Bridgestone Americas has rolled out the latest iteration of the Blizzak that it claims will last longer than previous versions.

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Don’t be Snow Dumb: How to Beat Winter on the Road

Winter is in full swing in the northern hemisphere. This is something residents in the path of winter storm Harper are acutely aware of right now. Spanning from the Midwest through the Northeast, it’s dumping snow, sleet, and rain across half the country. Due to this, we want to keep you safe as the weather turns sour. As a result, why we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help get you through Harper, along with the next few months of wintery weather.

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Winter tire deadline is Dec. 15 | Ctv Montreal


The deadline for most drivers to install winter tires is Saturday Dec. 15, 2018. As of that date winter tires, with the appropriate symbol on the sidewall, are mandatory for all non-emergency passenger vehicles. The fine for not having appropriate tires is from $200 to $200 plus additional fees. There are a few exceptions including for new vehicles, cars with dealer plates, motor homes, and for spare tires. Drivers can also apply for an exemption if they are heading out of province.

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TRAC Winter Tire Report: Winter Tires Prevent Hazardous Road Situations


TRAC’s 2018 Canadian Consumer Winter Tire Study shows that 80 per cent of winter tire owners believe driving a vehicle equipped with winter tires has saved them from being involved in a potentially hazardous driving situation such as loss of control or a collision. The Study also found that 76 per cent of Canadian motorists now use winter tires.

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