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Mesnac advances “most intelligent” TBM

TIRE MANUFACTURE – Mesnac has recently introduced what it said was “the most intelligent tire building machine (TBM) designed independently in China”. The PS2A PCR machine, features ‘synchronous turn-up’ and intelligent control technologies, and achieves cycle times of less than 40s…

Yokohama taps ‘informatics’ to accelerate rubber research

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Shin-Etsu expanding in Akron


AKRON—Shin-Etsu Silicones of America Inc. is set to increase its production capabilities for the North American market.

The firm is investing $21.3 million to add a 44,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility at its Akron campus, which currently consists of five buildings—production sites and a technical center—and 200 employees.

The new site will add 20-30 jobs, according to Eric Bishop, North America marketing manager for Shin-Etsu, and is set to be operational by 2019, though Bishop said the firm hopes to begin some production in 2018.

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Silcotech is spending $2 million on upgrades to headquarters plant


BOLTON, Ontario—Silcotech North America is spending close to $2 million to expand its Bolton, Ontario, headquarters plant.

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Tire & Rubber Industry Rundown: European Rubber Journal


Asia BD price drop… Nike sales… Clariant-Huntsman link-up… Michelin buys wine reviewer… Conti acquires… Eversafe Rubber… SKF sued ?… Firestone leak… UK down… Kumho limbo… Thai NR…

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Acquisitions allow Trelleborg to add more product offerings


NEW YORK—Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has added more medical silicone parts to its portfolio thanks to a late 2016 acquisition.

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Summary of Latest News in the Global Rubber Industry


Summary of Latest News and Events in the Global Rubber Industry …


21/6 Indonesian authorities are unfazed by a recent drop in natural rubber prices as market fundamentals remain strong, Reuters has reported. According to…

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Silicone rubber robots could vastly improve mobility for the infirm, say researchers


These robotic muscle-like actuators could replace metal joints in exoskeletons. EPFL roboticists say the silicone rubber elastomer based parts are far more flexible. They could be used to help the infirm move around, while improving posture and reducing discomfort for lower back pain sufferers. SOUNDBITE (English) JAMIE PAIK, THE DIRECTOR OF EPFL’S RECONFIGURABLE ROBOTICS LAB (RRL), SAYING: “We can foresee a new type of technology being brought closer to our daily lives. When I say that, it’s not us trying to bring in Terminator for everyone’s home, but to bring in different types of technology that enable us to live healthier and live with more comfort, and that was not able to be done beforehand.” The robots are controlled by changing the air pressure in special soft balloons that serve as its body. A modular system, they can be moved around the body to where physical support is needed. The team has devised this belt for potential use on stroke patients. SOUNDBITE (English) MATTHEW ROBERTSON, EPFL RESEARCHER, SPEAKING ABOUT THE BELT, SAYING: “In stroke patients I know they have a common asymmetry where they lean to one side and it could be used to correct for that asymmetry and then focus on if you’re using it to restore gait the belt could do the task of providing the support for your upper body.” The belt’s hooked up to a system of external pumps. The team hopes to miniaturise these and place them directly on the belt.


Silicone rubber robots could vastly improve mobility for the infirm, say researchers

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US rubber parts manufacturer to boost European operation


Twinsburg, Ohio – Q Holding Co. manufacturer of precision-moulded elastomeric components, is about to make a big splash in Europe.

The firm has entered into an agreement to purchase Degania Silicone Ltd, a manufacturer of medical catheters with its silicone technology for the European/Middle East markets, strengthening Q’s global footprint in a key geographic region.

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Datwyler completes acquisition of German injection moulding company


Altdorf, Switzerland – Datwyler Group has completed the acquisition of German company Ott, which it said will add injection moulding expertise – with thermoplastics and liquid silicone – to the group’s Sealing Solutions division.

The previously announced transaction was finalised on 30 Sept.

The deal will strengthen and expand the Swiss group’s technology and product portfolio in the automotive and healthcare industry, said a 30 Sept Datwyler announcement.

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Report: Silicone elastomers demand to 2021


Pune, India – Global demand for silicone elastomers is set to grow at a projected CAGR of 6.49 percent between 2016 and 2021 to reach a value of $7.94 billion, according to market information supplier MarketsandMarkets.

In a study, titled Silicone Elastomers Market by Type – Global Forecast to 2021, the firm cites increasing demand from the healthcare and electrical & electronics end-use industries among the most significant market drivers.

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