Yokohama to Supply Racing Tires for FIA World Touring Car Cup


The Yokohama Rubber Co., announced that its Advan racing tires were adopted as the control tire for WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup races, which will run through 2019.

Under the two-year contract, Yokohama will supply Advan A005 as the dry-surface tire and Advan A006 as the wet-surface tire for the races. The size of both tires supplied will be 250/660R18.

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Hyundai, Michelin developing tires for electric vehicles


CLERMONT-FERRAND, France—Hyundai Motor Co. has entered into a technical partnership with Michelin to develop tires for electric and luxury vehicles.

The co-operative deal links the companies’ research and development work and will enable Hyundai to strengthen its capabilities in tire performance technology, the South Korea car maker said.

Hyundai representatives visited Michelin’s R&D center in Clermont-Ferrand to sign the agreement.

“Within the partnership, Hyundai Motor and Michelin will work together to develop a new all-season tire for electric vehicles,” Hyundai said.

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ARLANXEO’s Rubber Technology Centre gets Chinese certification


ARLANXEO’s Rubber Technology Center (RTC) has passed the expert evaluation of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS) in November 2017 and obtained Laboratory Accreditation Certificate issued by CNAS in January 2018 (Registration No. CNAS L10612).

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How many billions are going into electric cars, globally? Guess the number…


Countries around the world—especially China, France, the U.K., and Norway—are aiming to phase out the sale of new fossil-fuel vehicles entirely between 2025 and 2040. So it’s in automakers’ best interests to begin planning and investing now in vehicle lineups that will comply with that regulatory environment when it comes. But the…

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Toyo to develop EV suspension module


Itami City, Japan – Toyo Rubber Industry Co. and GLM, a Kyoto-based electric vehicle (EV) maker, have started the joint development of suspension modules for EVs.

In a 17 Jan statement in Japanese, the tire and rubber parts maker said the project was prompted by an increase in the…

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Tire test capabilities expanded at the Smithers Rapra Tire and Wheel testing lab in China


The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and Silent Sensors are developing tire sensors using additive manufacturing and novel materials. As part of this, Silent Sensors will make IoT components using a roll-to-roll process pioneered by CPI, which can be incorporated into tires

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The introduction of six new testing machines will improve the Suzhou laboratory’s ability to serve customer requests and will provide a 35% boost in capacity.

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A User’s Guide to the Dawn of Robot Driving


The wait for the self-driving future is coming to an end. The earliest real-world applications of autonomous vehicles will arrive in 2018. Starting in Phoenix this year, a small number of commuters will be riding in driverless Chrysler Pacifica minivans as part of a trial conducted by Waymo, the self-driving car unit owned by Google’s parent company. For the first time, ordinary people just trying to get to work will be interacting with autonomous vehicles.

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Continental Demonstrates Holistic Connectivity Experience At CES 2018


In its Holistic Connectivity Experience demonstration car, Continental is harnessing web technologies to provide seamless connectivity for users to enjoy a better driving experience. Consumers are provided with relevant and up to date information including traffic, road and weather conditions right at their fingertips, which, in turn, creates opportunities for vehicle manufacturers and service providers, who can leverage vehicle information to anticipate user needs and deliver a richer, more personalized experience.

“There is tremendous potential for the application of web technologies in the automotive world. With our Holistic Connectivity Experience demo car, we are showcasing the possibilities,” said Dr. Karsten …

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HIWAY to introduce intelligent tire product in 2019


HIWAY announced that it plans to launch three generations of intelligent tire products/solutions: basic function type, enhanced function type and driving assisted type based on the technological breakthrough of self-developed integrated circuit, sensor, energy generator and advanced algorithm at the exhibition. It also provides value-added services based on big data related to intelligent tire. HIWAY is the first company in China to offer intelligent tire product/solution which will provide strong support for the development of smart cars.


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NASA Has Developed Superelastic Tires to Withstand the Rocky Terrain of Mars


NASA has debuted a “superelastic tire” which can adapt to alien environments, huh like the one found on Mars. The new wheel is an alternative to the pneumatic tires currently fitted on the Mars Curiosity Rover.

A routine check of the rover’s six aluminum wheels revealed that one had damage to its grousers. The grousers are the zig-zag shaped treads that extend out from each wheel, according to Engadget. Curiosity has been on the red planet for the last five years and is currently examining dunes on the Murray formation and climbing Mount Sharp to assess the regions billion-year old climate. Despite equipment setbacks, it is still sending images along the way. NASA predicts it can still manage 40 percent more life from its wheels.

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