Kenda moving U.S. order production out of China


CHANGHUA, Taiwan—Amid U.S. tariff angst, Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd. is transferring some of its tire production from China factories to other Asian areas.

“Kenda has many tire manufacturing facilities in Asia, we can offer productions from different factories to cover demands from customers in a different part of the world,” Chairman Jimmy Yang said.

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Trump’s tariff on Mexican imports startles industry

President Trump’s announcement by Twitter last week that he was imposing a 5 percent tariff on all goods from Mexico starting June 10 set the auto industry back on its heels, pushed automotive stock market prices lower and triggered a new round of market worries.

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US is winning trade war with China…for now

US is winning trade war with China…for now – Richard (Rick) Mills The ongoing battle between the United States and China for economic supremacy isn’t only being fought in the gilded ballrooms of Washington, as trade negotiators from either side parry over automobile parts content, intellectual property rights, government subsidies and the like.

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U.S.-EU talks struggle, threatening a new front in trade war


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker struck a Rose Garden truce meant to clear the way for negotiations to reduce tariffs on industrial goods and eliminate regulatory hurdles, those talks are showing few signs of going anywhere meaningful. European officials have blamed a Trump administration that has had little time for dealing with a bureaucracy in Brussels already held in low regard by many in the U.S. president’s orbit.

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Texas legislature passes second used tire bill


AUSTIN, Texas—For the second time since 2017, the Texas legislature has passed a bill prohibiting the installation of unsafe used tires on highway vehicles.

The bill, Texas Senate Bill 511, makes it illegal for sellers to install tires that have 1/16-inch tread or less; that have damage exposing steel belts or other internal components, or that have visible sidewall bulges or improper repairs.

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Toyoda’s trade stand too polite for its own good

Akio Toyoda paused a 60-year-plus history of genteel, go-along-to-get-along relations with the U.S. last week to strongly criticize unprecedented trade actions by the Trump administration that threaten the economic future of his company and other Japanese automakers. But, how do I put this, Toyoda-san? The tone of your strongly worded messages still might have been a bit too subtle to register with their intended target.

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Trade Tension Deals Tractor Makers a Fresh Blow

Tariffs and trade tensions are pushing U.S. farm-equipment makers into a deeper ditch.

Deere & Co., CNH Industrial NV and other makers of the tractors and combines used to plant and harvest American crops are already facing weak demand from farmers as a result of a five-year slump in the agricultural economy.

That downturn is worsening this year as China buys less soybeans and other crops from the U.S., and manufacturers pay more for the steel and other materials they import to build their machines.

“People just aren’t buying. They’re afraid,” said David Savoie, vice president for Sunshine Quality Solutions, a Deere dealer in Louisiana where sales of big machinery have dropped significantly since last year.

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ARPM addresses health care insurance costs

INDIANAPOLIS—Health care insurance costs were at the top of the list of the most pressing issues for rubber products executives in 2019, according to the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers’ State of the Industry Report.

“This issue is not going to go away and is even a larger part of the issues related to workforce recruitment and retention for our industry,” ARPM Managing Director Letha Keslar, managing director for ARPM said in a news release.

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Chemical, manufacturing groups oppose U.S. tariff hike

WASHINGTON—The U.S. government followed through on plans to raise tariffs May 10 on $200 billion worth of imports from China, but the decision is drawing opposition from chemical and manufacturing industry trade groups.

Talks between Washington and Beijing were continuing at press time, as the American Chemistry Council and the National Association of Manufacturers urged a solution to trade disputes without using tariffs.

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