RPRA Outlines its Mandate at OTDA


“The RPRA is responsible for creating and maintaining an electronic registry, overseeing and enforcing compliance by producers and service providers (collectors, haulers, retreaders, and processors),” explained Patrick Moran, Registrar of the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority.

The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) is the regulatory body created by the Ontario government to enforce the new IPR requirements.

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U.S. moves ahead with added tariffs on Chinese goods, including tires

WASHINGTON — President Trump is moving forward with new tariffs on more than 5,700 products imported from China — including virtually every type of tire — worth an estimated $200 billion.

The tariffs will start at 10 percent starting Sept. 24 and then rise to 25 percent on Jan. 1, 2019.

Most business sectors in the U.S., including the auto aftermarket, received the news with dismay, but some — such as U.S. retreaders — hailed the tariffs as a key protection against an onslaught of unfairly underpriced Chinese imports.

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released the final list of goods, coming to 194 pages with a total of 5,745 tariff lines. The original list issued July 10 ran to 205 pages and contained 6.031 tariff lines.

The revised list contains hundreds of tire- and rubber-related items, including:

  • Virtually every type of pneumatic tire, including …

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Ford Juggling NAFTA, China Challenges, Exec Says


Joseph Hinrichs, Ford executive vice president-global operations, is concerned about the ramifications of missing deadlines for completing NAFTA negotiations, and says automakers are pressing Washington for a broad trade agreement covering all of North America.

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Japanese firms dealing with Russia feel little impact from U.S. sanctions: Sumitomo


VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Reuters) – Japanese firms dealing with Russia were experiencing little impact from U.S. sanctions on Moscow, but it was possible that they may also be sanctioned by the United States, the managing executive officer of Sumitomo Corporation said on Tuesday.

“At this moment we are not that affected,” Hideki Yamano told Reuters on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum at the Russian Far East port of Vladivostok.

Asked if future projects by Japanese firms might be hurt because of the U.S. sanctions, Yamano said it was possible.

“We are closely monitoring the development (with the new sanctions,” he said.

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USTMA Appoints New Director of Government Affairs


The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) has appointed Sean Moore as director of government affairs.

In this role, Moore will guide strategy for USTMA’s federal government affairs program and lead the association’s state advocacy efforts working with member companies and allied organizations.

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NHTSA restarts effort to upgrade NCAP


WASHINGTON — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will gather comments at a public meeting next month on how to improve a program that helps consumers make decisions on new-vehicle purchases by providing comparative information on the safety of vehicles. The agency is nearly two years behind schedule meeting a congressional mandate to list crash avoidance information next to crashworthiness information on new-vehicle window stickers.

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TIA, retreaders take message to Capitol Hill


WASHINGTON — The estate tax, infrastructure funding, taxation of online sales, health care, scrap tires, right-to-repair and import tariffs were among the issues discussed June 20 on Capitol Hill as more than 100 Tire Industry Association members from…

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U.S. tariff study raises concerns from 40 countries at WTO meeting


GENEVA — Major U.S. trading partners including the European Union, China and Japan voiced deep concern at the World Trade Organization about possible U.S. measures imposing additional duties on imported autos and parts. Japan, which along with Russia had initiated the discussion at the WTO Council on Trade in Goods, warned that such measures could trigger a spiral of counter-measures and result in the collapse of the rules-based multilateral trading system, an official who attended the meeting said. Over 40 WTO members, including the 28 countries of the EU warned on Tuesday that the U.S. action could seriously …

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U.S. companies can escape Trump’s steel tariffs. But it won’t be easy.

President Trump is ready to escalate his trade war with China by imposing tariffs on almost all Chinese goods shipped to the United States. But his administration is still struggling to manage a pair of smaller trade actions announced more than three months ago, casting doubt on the president’s ability to wage a broader conflict.

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Registration for Ontario Tire Producers Opens on July 3

Most stewards in the current Ontario Tire Stewardship program will be legally required to register with the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority by August 31, 2018. The Authority will open its Registry to tire producers on July 3, 2018 to accommodate producers registration and reporting deadline in the Tires Regulation. Producer responsibility organizations (PROs) will also be able to register at that time.


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