Michelin Remains the World’s Most Valuable and Strongest Tire Brand

Michelin remains the world’s most valuable and strongest tire brand with a brand value of US$7.1 billion and a BSI score of 86.2 out of 100. Michelin is by far the strongest brand in the tire segment with an advantage of 9 BSI points over the second strongest brand in the industry, Bridgestone (up 1% to US$7.0 billion). Michelin is the thought leader in the industry, its product diversification into punctureless tires with its Uptis prototype and association with premium events and excellent performance, have helped the brand maintain its strength and status

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Pirelli F1 Tyre Compound Choices


Following the recent publication of the first part of this year’s Formula 1 calendar, Pirelli has announced the compounds for the initial eight races of the 2020 Formula 1 season.

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TRAC Announces 100th Annual General Meeting’s Outcomes


Cambridge, Ontario; June 11, 2020—Tire and Rubber Association of Canada announces the outcomes of its virtual 100th Annual General Meeting held on June 9, 2020.


AGM Outcomes:

1)     The members duly elected the Board of Directors and Officers:


Tony Mougios       Chair (Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.)

Maureen Kline       1st Vice-Chair (Pirelli Tire Inc.)

Paul Downey         2nd Vice-Chair (Pliteq Inc.)

Matt Livigni           Treasurer (Continental Tire Canada Inc.)


Neil Bansal             Western Rubber Group

Chris Bitsakakis     AirBoss of America Corp.

Paul Christou        Goodyear Canada Inc.

Keshav Das            BKT Tires (Canada) Inc.

Darious Naylor     Bridgestone Canada Inc.

Robert Rist             Cabot Canada Ltd.


2)     The Board moved to establish a new End-of-Life Tire Standing Committee. Led by Dr. Barry Takallou of CRM of Canada Processing, the Committee will manage all issues related to tire and rubber recycling.


3)     Following Glenn Maidment’s announced retirement at the end of 2020, the Board moved to set up a Search Committee which will manage the screening and interviewing of potential candidates for a new President.


About TRAC:

The Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC; www.tracanada.ca) is the national trade association representing the interests of tire and other rubber manufacturers and importers of rubber goods into Canada, together with rubber recyclers and suppliers whose goods or services directly relate to our industry. The Association was established in 1920 under the name The Rubber Association of Canada, only recently changing its name to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada to more accurately reflect the Association’s role within the industry and what it does for its membership.

Contact: info@tracanada.ca

Pirelli: likely increase in car usage as motorists continue distancing

With coronavirus lockdowns lifting around the world, heightened vigilance in social interactions is likely to continue for some time. One effect of this could be an increased use of private cars, as commuters eschew public transport options to limit their contact with other people. The economic reality of this suggests that those in the financial position to drive are even more likely to do so. And in turn these motorists are more likely to drive cars that require the fitment of larger tyres.

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Tire & rubber companies among top Forbes auto suppliers

London – Tire and rubber companies feature prominently in a ranking by sales of the top world’s largest automotive parts suppliers, compiled by business magazine Forbes.

Topping the table is Continental with sales of $52.4 billion in 2019, of which $19.5 billion was generated by the German group’s Rubber Division – comprising its Tires and ContiTech rubber product businesses.

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Pirelli extends manufacturing shutdown in Romania


Slatina, Romania – Pirelli has delayed the reopening of its tire production facility in Slatina due to “new, more restrictive government measures” introduced in the fight against Covid-19, the company has announced.

The plant, which manufactures 15 million units of tire per year and employs 4,000 people, was originally planned to be idled between 23 and 31 March.

In a 31 March statement, however, Pirelli said it would set a new start date for the start of activity at the unit.

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Pirelli expects 19% decline in global passenger car tire demand

Milan, Italy – Pirelli & C. SpA estimates the overall car tire market to decline 19% in the year 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

“In light of the elements available today and based on a prudent scenario, Pirelli now expects a fall of 2020 GDP at the global level of about negative 2.8%,” the company said in a statement 3 April.

The figure compares against an earlier forecast of 2.7% growth presented in the company’s Industrial Plan 19 Feb.

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Pirelli CEO is Ambulance Driver in Italy Amid COVID-19

Pirelli CEO Mario Isola is continuing his role as a volunteer ambulance driver – which he has done for over three decades – throughout the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by Formula1.com .

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Camfin raising stake in Pirelli


Milan, Italy – Pirelli shareholder Camfin is looking to raise its stake in the Italian tire maker, which has seen its share-price fall by more than 30% over the last three months.

Camfin board of directors authorised, on 20 March, the acquisition of shares up to a maximum of 1.5% of Pirelli’s share capital, by the end of July.

Pirelli’s shares hit an all-time low of €3.50 on 9 March in Milan as global stock markets grappled with the outbreak of Covid-19.

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Pirelli Cancels 2021 Calendar, Donating 100,000 Euro for COVID-19

Pirelli, in light of the present COVID-19 virus, says it has decided to cancel the production and launch of the 2021 Pirelli Calendar.

In the context of other initiatives already undertaken by the company, “The Cal” project will donate 100,000 euro to the fight against and for research into Coronavirus.

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