Nexen’s Žatec factory produces first OE fitment tires

Tire manufacturer Nexen Tire has announced that its manufacturing plant in Žatec, Czech Republic, has produced its first OE tires, which will equip the Hyundai Tucson.

According to Nexen, operations at the plant have stabilized despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, and the company is looking to expand the plant’s roll in the supply of OE tires, leveraging its central European location, which gives it access to 30 car manufacturers within a 400km radius.

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Canadian devulcanization company turns old tires into new tires in the Netherlands

A Dutch investment portal “Invest in Holland” says that a Canada-based company Tyromer is now building a pilot factory in Arnhem to bring its circular rubber products to the European market. Specializing in the devulcanization of rubber from scrap tires, Tyromer will fine-tune and exhibit its recycling technology at its new Dutch facility in order to sell the process to third parties. The company is one of the first in the Netherlands to give this hard-to-process residual product a high-quality new life, making it a valuable addition to the Dutch circular economy. …

“Tyromer has a unique solution to a major problem: mountains of car tire rubber that cannot be reused. Companies such as Tyromer, which have solutions for societal challenges with smart technologies, are a welcome addition to the East Netherlands ecosystem. The fact that Tyromer is establishing itself at IPKW, where many companies are involved with energy and circularity issues, is good news for the activity in our region,” added René Brama, investment manager of Tech at Oost NL.

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New labels on tires from May in Europe

From next May, consumers will be better informed when choosing new tires for their cars, as there will be a new label that will mention parameters such as fuel economy, wet grip and rolling noise.

The purpose of the regulation is to make labels clearer and to provide consumers with more information so that they can choose safer and more energy-efficient and less noisy tires. Icons for snow and ice traction will be added and the design of the label will be updated.

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Goodyear tire development program aided by second dynamic simulator

Goodyear is to install a second DiM250 Dynamic Driving Simulator, supplied by VI-Grade, at its Innovation Center in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg.

Goodyear will use the simulator in conjunction with another DiM250 recently installed at the company headquarters in Ohio, USA. Both innovation sites also have previously installed VI-Grade Compact Simulators to assist with virtual tire development.

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Kumho Appoints New Senior Vice-President of Global Marketing

Kumho Tire has appointed Gangseung ‘Tony’ Lee as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, effective from January 1 this year.

Lee previously served as Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Hankook Tire Europe GmbH, and succeeds Namhwa Cho who has taken up the position of President of Kumho Tire Europe GmbH.

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Quebec Once Proposed Outlawing Motorcycle Riding In The Winter And It Sort Of Makes Sense

As Canada Moto Guide notes, much of Europe already has laws in place to require the use of winter tires for all vehicles in specific months. This alone takes a lot of motorcycles off of roads. However, some governments want to take it a step further: A couple of years ago, Quebec proposed a ban on motorcycles from its roads entirely during the winter months. During a cold ride to a flight lesson I realized it’s not entirely crazy.

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Fiat And Peugeot’s Stellantis Merger Is Good To Go

Fiat and Peugeot’s merger is inevitable, Mitsubishi dealers are very excited about the new Outlander, and Tesla. All that and more in The Morning Shift for December 21, 2020. Reuters had the story in October about the European Union’s final approvals, and Bloomberg says today that the merger officially is good to go. When consummated, FCA-PSA will be the fourth-biggest automaker. It is called “Stellantis” for some reason.

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German plastics and rubber machinery industry initiates trend reversal

At the beginning of the year, the German plastics and rubber machinery industry – like almost all sectors of the economy – was hit hard by the effects of the corona pandemic. However, the downward trend in sales and incoming orders already flattened out in mid 2020, and incoming orders even rose again from September onwards. Cumulatively, from January to October 2020 they are only 3% below the incoming orders in the same period of 2019.

“The September and October months contributed significantly to this”, Ulrich Reifenhäuser, Chairman of the Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association within the VDMA, is pleased to report. “In September 2020, we had 13% more incoming orders compared to the same month of the previous year, and in October 2020, there were even twice as many orders on the books as a year ago”, Reifenhäuser continues.

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Michelin boss sees COVID recovery, but tough start to 2021 for autos

Auto sales and production will recover from COVID-19 by the end of next year — barring further shocks — but the pandemic will have far-reaching effects on the industry from leadership to who drives where, the leader of tire maker Michelin’s North American operations predicts.

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ECO Green Equipment announces new sales representatives in Europe

ECO Green Equipment – one of the leading end-of-life tire recycling equipment manufacturers and technology suppliers worldwide – has announced updates to its European sales team. Alejandro Grases and Ricardo Ayala recently joined ECO Green Equipment as sales representatives and from now on represent the European branch of the company.

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