ARPM updates hose handbook


INDIANAPOLIS—An updated IP-2 Hose Handbook is available from the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers.

The publication for manufacturers, assemblers and end users was reviewed, updated and approved by member representatives of ARPM’s Hose Technical Committee. ARPM said its HTC documents and technical standards are reviewed every five years for revisions and relevance in the marketplace.

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ARPM addresses health care insurance costs

INDIANAPOLIS—Health care insurance costs were at the top of the list of the most pressing issues for rubber products executives in 2019, according to the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers’ State of the Industry Report.

“This issue is not going to go away and is even a larger part of the issues related to workforce recruitment and retention for our industry,” ARPM Managing Director Letha Keslar, managing director for ARPM said in a news release.

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Webinar – Considerations for Compound Development

For every rubber product, there are myriad design factors that must be taken into account when formulating compound options. Service environment, performance specifications, and material selection must be reviewed carefully to ensure that you can not only design an effective product, but also do so with as few iterations in the development process as possible. In this webinar, Christine Domer, General Manager of Smithers Rapra’s Analytical and Physical Testing labs, will cover the various formulation and processing considerations that rubber product manufacturers must use when developing compounds. An overview of material properties, processing techniques, and how they relate to various end use applications will be covered.


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