Registration for Ontario Tire Producers Opens on July 3

Most stewards in the current Ontario Tire Stewardship program will be legally required to register with the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority by August 31, 2018. The Authority will open its Registry to tire producers on July 3, 2018 to accommodate producers registration and reporting deadline in the Tires Regulation. Producer responsibility organizations (PROs) will also be able to register at that time.


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Giti-brand commercial tires coming to North America


RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — Giti Tire (USA) Ltd. is launching the Giti brand of commercial truck tires in North America with products available for long-haul, regional, urban/light-duty and mixed-service applications.

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Bridgestone publishes new Sustainability Report for 2017-2018


Bridgestone today announced the release of the Sustainability Report 2017–2018 for Bridgestone Group. As the world’s largest tire and rubber company, this report reaffirms the Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment, “Our Way to Serve,” which provides a framework for how Bridgestone does business, develops products and interacts with customers and the communities it serves.

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How Canada could compete for new auto investment


Canada’s auto industry could be on a slippery slope to extinction unless major changes in government policy and attitudes about investment are enacted to save it, experts say. The significant decline thus far is due in large part to increased competition from cheaper places to do business such as the southern United States and especially Mexico. Low-price labour and numerous free-trade agreements have driven automakers to build new plants in that country.

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Exclusive: Facing U.S. blowback, Beijing softens ‘Made in China 2025’ message


BEIJING (Reuters) – Beijing has begun downplaying Made in China 2025, the state-backed industrial policy that has provoked alarm in the West and is core to Washington’s complaints about the country’s technological ambitions, diplomatic and Chinese state media sources said.

With a full-blown trade war looming amid U.S. President Donald Trump’s threats to impose tariffs on up to $450 billion in Chinese imports, his administration has fixed on Beijing’s signature effort to deploy state support to close a technology gap in 10 key sectors.

Beijing is increasingly mindful that its rollout of the ambitious plan has triggered U.S. backlash.

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A World of Opportunity for the Automotive Aftermarket


The automotive aftermarket parts industry is expected to see global sales grow by 6% over the next seven years as the need for parts worldwide increases. Smart companies should be working now to earn a piece of that business.

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Goodyear picked as OE tire for new Volkswagen Touareg


Goodyear announced that a range of summer, winter and all-season tires have been chosen as original fitments on the new Volkswagen Touareg.

Goodyear has been able to meet Volkswagen’s requirements for tires for global applications with good overall performance levels and excellent mechanical and acoustical comfort combined with low rolling resistance. These nominations are further evidence of Goodyear’s expertise in providing premium tires in the premium SUV segment.

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Nexen Roadian MTX: Four Guys, One Jeep, And One Week Of Whirlwind Tire Testing


We test a ton of tires here at Four Wheeler, however, it is not every day that we join forces with editors from Jp Magazine and 4-Wheel & Off-Road for a tire-testing road trip extravaganza. What better way to get familiar with Nexen’s new Roadian MTX than to stuff all four of us in a new JL Wrangler and set off across the Oregon wilderness.


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TRM, Leader Rubber Co. Strengthen Retreading Partnership


Leader Rubber Co. is moving from a reseller of TRM Tyre Retreading machinery to a full-service provider with a complete management of spare parts and preventive maintenance package for its customers.

The announcement comes after Brett Sproson, CEO of Leader Rubber Co., visited TRM headquarters to assess the company’s relationship with TRM and to inspect the buffers ready to be delivered to the African market.

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Italy aims to pass Norway as Europe’s No. 1 EV market


MILAN — Italy’s new populist government has a plan to put 1 million electric vehicles on the nation’s roads by 2022 in an effort to go from being the region’s weakest EV market to replacing Norway as its strongest. Getting anywhere near that target could cost the state $10 billion in incentives. As coalition partners the League and the Five Star Movement haggled last month over their contract to govern, Five Star managed to insert a passage on “reductions in gasoline and diesel vehicles.”

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