Tire Rack, Michelin team up for National Tire Safety Week

Online and mail order marketer Tire Rack Inc. has teamed with Michelin North America Inc. for National Tire Safety Week, May 29-June 4.

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Bridgestone to acquire Speedy France

Bridgestone Corp. is buying Speedy France S.A.S., the franchisor of nearly 480 Speedy car service outlets in France, in a move to increase the company’s “direct access to end-users” in the country.

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How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Your Car

Many people make use of an array of outstanding facilities whenever they access the Internet service. They are eager to connect with their online network wherever they go. On the other hand, they do not aware about how they can realize this idea. They have to know how they can create a good Wi-Fi hotspot. If they have created a Wi-Fi hotspot in their car, then they can access the Internet from the comfort of their place throughout travelling.

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Stop talking about ‘accidents’, start talking about ‘collisions’

Despite all the empty rhetoric you might hear on the campaign trail, words still mean things. Some auto safety activists want people to start using the words “collision” and “crash” rather than “accident” to ensure that everyone understands the nature of those events. The distinction might seem semantic–and obviously, it is–but it’s an important one with a long history.

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VW Group profit rises 3.4% despite steep plunge at core brand

FRANKFURT — Volkswagen Group’s profit rose 3.4 percent in the first quarter, although profit at the core VW brand plunged 86 percent, highlighting the challenge the carmaker faces in emerging from the nearly 9-month-old emissions cheating scandal. Group operating profit climbed to 3.44 billion euros ($3.83 billion) from 3.33 billion euros last year, VW said in a statement today. Operating return on sales of 6.8 percent, the company said.

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Fresh thinking: VW launches… a doorbell, CAR+ May 2016 by CAR Magazine

► You can now answer your door while driving ► Alarms can be sounded when prompted ► You can even open the door remotely No, this isn’t a bizarre scheme to send autonomous cars out to welcome guests like some kind of wheeled robo-Jeeves, but part of VW’s plan to keep on extending the internet of things until literally everything is connected. In this case it’s the BUDD-e electric vehicle concept and the DoorBird WiFi-enabled doorbell.

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